The information below applies to all LLNL VPN services unless noted otherwise. This service provides secure access to internal LLNL resources.

You can download and install a persistent client, called the AnyConnect client, which provides full network access without going through your web browser. This client provides a similar experience to the Cisco IPsec VPN service.


Setup Instructions
Web Portal
The web portal should be used when not using the thick client, typically using an Internet kiosk, such as at an airport or a conference, to access LLNL systems from off-site. This service can be used for submitting your timecard or sending unencrypted email.

Web Portal Instructions

NOTE: The Cisco Cache Cleaner will be scheduled to run after logout. If all browser windows are closed or unused for 30 minutes, the Cisco Cache Cleaner will run. All browser windows will be closed if the timeout is reached.

Who to Contact for Help
If you have any questions about this service, call 4-Help at 925-424-4357 or send e-mail to vpn-help@llnl.gov