AppleAventail Connect Client with Smart Tunneling - Windows Vista

The Aventail Connect client with Smart Tunneling is a client component of the Aventail virtual private network (VPN) solution which enables secure, authorized access to web-based and client/server applications, and file shares at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).


To install and connect to LLNL using Aventail Connect Client, you need the following:

Ability to install software on your computer

If you are unable to install software on your computer,

and you have a LLNL computer, call (925-422-4090)

or contact your Technical Support Team.

Host Name

VPN Group Name

VPN account holders use LLNL

VPN-B account holders use LLNL-B

VPN-C account holders use LLNL-C

Current VPN, VPN-B or VPN-C remote access account with LLNL

In general, LLNL employees have a VPN account while remote collaborators have a VPN-C account. Foreign Nationals will generally have a VPN-B account.

The OISSO will have informed you of the type of account you have been given.



OneTimePassword (OTP)

A passcode is the password you set when you active your Remote Access account.

OTP consists of a PIN plus the 6 digits displayed on the RSA SecureID token.

Install Aventail Connect Client

Uninstall the Aventail SSL VPN Software

Who to Contact for Help

If you have any questions about this service, call 925-422-4090 or send e-mail to

On-Screen Aventail Help files – Choose the Help button.