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The One-Time Password (OTP) system is a two-factor authentication system. "Two-factor" authentication means that you are authenticated using something you have (an OTP Token) and something you know (your personal identification number, PIN).

OTP Tokens

When you use your OTP Token to authenticate,
your password is your (PIN + token-code).

The token-code is the 6 digits displayed by the OTP Token. It changes every 30 seconds. The password (also known as "passcode") is a single string without spaces. For example, the black OTP Token, above left, is displaying a token-code of "234836". If my PIN was "abc12def" I would then enter "abc12def234836" as my password. This combination of PIN + token-code may only be used only one time, hence the term One-Time Password.

LLNL PIN Requirements
  • Must be 8 characters in length
  • Must contain only valid characters:
    • Numbers 0 through 9
    • Letters 'a' through 'z'
    • Letters are case insensitive - for example 'ABCD1234', 'abcd1234' and 'AbcD1234' are equivalent PINs
  • Must be alpha-numeric (ie contain both letters and numbers)
  • Must NOT contain obvious patterns such as '1111', '2345', 'abcde', etc.

For information about this service contact:
OTP Support (925) 422-4090

Last Updated October 30, 2013 by the OTP Development Team