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RSA OTP Token Diagnostics

Under certain circumstances, a server may lose track of the values it expects from a particular token. In this case it is necessary to enter two consecutive token codes, so the server can resynchronize itself. This page supports that synchronization and also checks for certain other problems that may arise. Generally, if you have trouble with your token, you should first try this page.

Please select your token type, enter your LLNL Official User Name (OUN) (e.g. smith53) and other requested information below, then click "Submit" to check your account.

If you still have problems with your token after following these procedures, please contact OTP Support.

Official User Name: smith74
PIN: abnncnnd
First Token Code:  113475
Second Token Code:  589234

(Note: Please be patient, this may take up to 30 seconds)
For information about this service contact:
OTP Support (925) 422-4090

Last Updated March 19, 2014 by the OTP Development Team